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5th Aug 2022




War Against Indiscipline: LagosRide Disengages A Driver For Misconduct

A LagosRide Captain (Name Withheld) Has Been Dismissed From Fulfilling Service As A Driver On The LagosRide Platform Because Of A Violation Of The Company’s Standard Operating Protocols Of The Mobility Service Provider.

A Rider Had Complained About Poor Service Received While On A Trip On The 22nd Of June, And Upon Further Investigation From The Footage Of The Dashcam In The Car, We Discovered That Our Captain Was Taking Offline Trips, Which Is Not Allowed.

We Also Discovered That The Driver Accepted A Class A Ride Request; A Premium Service For One User While He Had Other Riders In His Car.

The Driver Also Refused To Drop The Class A Rider At His Preferred Location And Was Verbally Abusive After The Rider Was Angrily Dropped Off By The Roadside. The Rider Threatened To Report The Erring Driver, But The Driver Dared Him To Go Ahead Saying “Nothing Can Be Done To Me“

The Driver Was Immediately Suspended Within 24hrs Of Receiving This Complaint And Reviewing The Footage From The Vehicle By LagosRide.

We Reached Out To The Rider To Offer Our Apologies And Accept Responsibility For The Poor Service He Experienced.

At LagosRide, We Pride Ourselves In Excellent Service Delivery And Will Continually Invest The Required Resources In Ensuring We Deliver The Best Service. We Hold Our Drivers To The Highest Standard In Mobility Solutions And We Have In Place A Detailed Internal Process For Adhering To These Standards And Compliance Is A Priority For The Organisation”

We Believe In Accountability And Transparency, And Therefore Holds Ourself Accountable To Both Captains And Riders In Ensuring They Have A Smooth Experience While In Transit.


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