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A Quick Glance At What Makes Us Special

LagosRide is a mobility solution that will allow users book and share the cost of a ride with similar transit patterns.

It will link users up based on their preferred pick up and drop off points, each not more than 1km apart respectively, and a pick-up time not more than 5mins apart

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    Reduces the frequency of “Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOV)” resulting from cheaper fares per trip.

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    You will now enjoy the comfort of a car ride but pay less

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    Drivers will now earn more per trip

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Ride In Style, Every Time

Try out our selection of brand new cars and share your transit moments with your friends

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AI enabled dashcams and panic/SOS buttons are onboard to keep you safe while in transit.

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Fixed Daily Transit

Take the edge off by scheduling daily recurring trips that take you to and from work, church, mosque or anywhere.

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Book A Ride To Start Moving In Style

Experience Lagos in a LagosRide, search for trips and get to know your fare estimate

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See what our Club 5.0 members said. Club 5.0 are the first 50 individuals to experience LagosRide.

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LagosRide is such a great innovation! I really love their ride classifications that allowed me book a cab with two passengers going in my direction! With the way its going, there'd be less cars on the road by 2025! Kudos!



Drive With Us

Yes!!! you can be better than your neighbour, you will earn more for each shared trip you fulfil on LagosRide

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Refer a friend to win free rides, concert tickets, and so much more on LagosRide.

Available for all mobile devices

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